Allemeersch invests in new technologies

A Belgian proverb says: "Standing still is going backwards".
Allemeersch does not stand still.
During the last seven months, we made large investments in new machinery.

Firstly, one Adige automatic sawing machine with station and deburring.
This sawing machine is operational and working properly.
The deburring function in particular is an added value. 

Secondly, a new tube bending machine, called Herber 7.
This machine is identical to the Herber 6 already in service, and has been purchased in order to solve capacity problems. 

Finally, our Trumph 3D TruLaser Cell.
This brand new laser bending machine is quite similar to our current 3D laser.
Equipped for laser welding and tanks to a fibre laser source, ability to speed up cutting.
Laser welding technology is relatively new.
Within our supply chain, we admit that we are the first company in Belgium to have such a machine.

Thanks to these investments, we can say that we clearly belong among the leaders.